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The Restaurant

„Love is…

when HE cooks YOU “

Huong Viet - the place where two worlds meet: a piece of Vietnam in Erding

With us, nothing is left to chance - neither the ambience nor the ingredients of the food. Each element has been chosen with love and quality-consciousness and has been thoughtfully designed to bring you closer to the unique atmosphere of the Far East - perceptible with all your senses. An ensemble of luminaires in all shapes provides a magical play of light and radiates security and warmth.

From north to south - Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam's versatile cooking tradition has a long and historical history with influences from France, China and India. At Huong Viet we bring you closer to the specialities of the individual regions in a cosy ambience with Vietnamese flair.

Huong Viet

Vietnamese Cuisine

Our selected dishes all tell their own stories. Come in and let yourself be carried away into the diverse cuisine of Southeast Asia. Your journey begins with classical summer roles according to the original recipe from Vietnam. Fresh herbs and salad paired with shrimps, best meat or tofu with rice noodles are a dream combination rolled in thin rice paper. A fine homemade dip rounds off this taste experience. To strengthen yourself, our warm dishes range from classic dishes such as baked duck served with a

hearty curry sauce and colorful vegetables on rice to our traditional Pho soup which should not be missing on any menu. It convinces with its strong broth, pleasant spices and fresh herbs and is therefore not for nothing the national dish of Vietnam. You like it unusual? If you see our "flying noodles" for the first time, you won't believe your eyes. Our spicy rice noodles seem to float over the plate. Let us surprise you and come along to find out what's behind it.